Dick Dale – An Editorial

dick dale

(co-written by Jude Rex)
Let’s consider this our duty as music junkies:

Dick Dale is a legend. There’s only one Dick Dale. When you hear that trademark Dick Dale reverb tone, you can’t help but rock. Lately some record labels have been helping to bring back bands from the old days, the 80’s or early 90’s (which doesn’t seem too old in my eyes) My idea would be to get Dick Dale on a big stage in front of this generation, the ones who’ll be shaping the music of the future. Bands like The Growlers, Guantanamo Baywatch and other new surf bands tryin to bring back the coolness of the surf guitar of the 60’s. Struggling with health issues, Dale has to tour just to pay his Doctor bills. He’s driven to keep playing not only because of his love of music, but also because he needs to pay for cancer treatments. At 78 he’s still a legend, playing legendary tunes that have inspired generations. If there’s anyone out there who is “The Man” responsible for booking, please consider Dick Dale. When I was at The Gentleman of The Road tour a couple years back, the group “Fun.” canceled at the last minute. As they wrote the name of the replacement on the chalkboard schedule , a lotta kids were rackin their brain to figure out who it was, and most of them were comin up blank. That was John Fogerty, and when he stepped up on stage and started to play, he blew those kids away. They loved him. Someone needs to do the same for Dick Dale. Get him in front of a 10-15,000 strong crowd of young dudes. These kids would go crazy, most of their favorite bands talk about him and pay homage to his sound. That’s cool and that’s the way it ought to be. The powers that be need to help Dale out, and get him out to a wider youth audience. So if you’re out there considering who to book as your next headline act, think how cool you’d be to be known as the dude who helped Dick Dale get the recognition he so justly deserves.

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