Dead Coast – “The Silt” 7″ REVIEW

The Silt

Making a name for yourself as an atmospheric garage-rock outfit isn’t an easy task. As of late, the mainstream rock scene has put the emphasis on dance elements. However, 2016 was an eventful year for the London-based Dead Coast. Their brand of organ-heavy garage rock has garnered enough buzz for a ferocious debut LP and a successful US tour. What’s a band to do with this kind of headstart? Utilize momentum. Fresh from said US tour, Dead Coast has returned with a brand new 7″ The Silt.

Dead Coast chooses to fine tune their mythos instead of recreating the wheel.

The title track The Silt” begins with a hypnotic guitar and Doors-esque organ riff, combined with a beat that’s almost tribal in its prowess. Instead of monotone vocal delivery found in similar acts, “The Silt” features a vocal line reminiscent of the early days of dark wave.  This is the kind of thing that elevates the garage rock sub-genre.

The B-side is a live cut of “ESP”, a single from their debut LP Shambolic. Not only was that track my favorite from the album, but it pairs so well with “The Silt”. It’s not as abrasive in theme but far more atmospheric in nature. Being it’s a live cut, it also showcases Dead Coast’s ability to convey album worthy recordings in a live setting. A testament to the band’s musicianship.

When done properly, the cool vibes of garage rock are insatiable.

Dead Coast

“The Silt” by Dead Coast. “Ancient Egyptian” variant


The Silt is available on vinyl exclusively through Greenway Records, who released the vinyl version of the band’s debut. With a clear variant and “Ancient Egyptian” splatter, Greenway has once again proven themselves to be the go-to label for garage rock as well as extremely collectible vinyl releases.

There’s no shortage of reverb-heavy, psyche inspired rock on the indie scene these days. Some of my favorite releases over the past few years have come from this movement. Just like anything else though, there’s fair share of bad with the good. It sort of goes along with the over-saturation. What sets Dead Coast apart from a lot of other bands in this is genre is the fact they’re really good at it.



For more information on Dead Coast, please visit them on Facebook

To purchase The Silt on limited edition vinyl, please visit Greenway Records

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