David Bowie: ” The King of New York Himself … Mister Lou Reed “


Madison Square Garden – 9 January 1997 – Bowie’s 50th Birthday Concert

Bowie invited lots of young guests: Frank Black (Pixies), Dave Ghrol (FF), Robert Smith (The Cure), Sonic Youth, Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) but … the only person who’d been invited that night who actually hailed from Bowie’s past, who had been Bowie’s influence, who he worked with… was Lou Reed. Introduced as ‘the king of New York himself… mister Lou Reed’ they both first played ‘Queen Bitch’. Bowie looked bemused, as if wondering whether he’d written the song. ‘Waiting for the Man’ seemed freighted with history. Then, with one more duet to go, the choice was obvious: something from Transformer. ‘Walk on the Wild Side’, ‘Perfect Day’ or ‘Vicious’. Instead, Reed and Bowie went into ‘Dirty Blvd,’ a track off Reed’s 1989 ‘New York’ album. When I look back now at those video’s I still see two of the greatest artists of all time, but one sadly died last week … and it feels really sad, but most of all it feels ‘unreal’ …

‘Queen Bitch’ and ‘Waiting for the Man’…

‘Dirty Blvd’…

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