Daisy Chainsaw – ‘Love Your Money’

Daisy Chainsaw came completely out of nowhere with Love Your Money, and they pretty soon went back there again. Their blistering debut got them all over the British charts, music press and TV for a brief moment. Eccentric lead singer KatieJane Garside became the focus of thousands of indie/grunge boy fantasies – including from Beavis & Butthead – and they toured with Mudhoney and Hole.

Then they just went away.

Except that’s not quite true. They just never again got near the level of success they achieved with their debut.

Love Your Money is an upbeat, hook-laden, rip-roaring, noise-rock song with a video like a Victorian opium addict’s nightmare. Crunching guitars, thunderous drums and  filthily distorted bass are piled on top of what’s essentially an incredibly catchy pop song.  Its other major selling point is the distinctive, childlike vocal of KatieJane Garside. With sheer force of charisma she manages to makes her presence felt in the face of the band’s Blitzkrieg and the sweet singing contrasts deliciously with the industrial racket. This fun combination took Love Your Money, and the Love Sick Pleasure EP, which featured it as its lead track, to the edge of the UK top 20.

Daisy Chainsaw didn’t really belong in the mainstream charts and their follow up single Pink Flower and debut album Eleventeen both proved that, with neither coming close to replicating the success of Love Your Money. KatieJane left the band and the public eye before they recorded their second – and final – album For They Know Not What They Do in 1994. The band split up entirely the following year.

KatieJane Garside and Daisy Chainsaw guitarist Crispin Gray later reunited for a new project called Queenadreena, putting out four albums between 2000 and 2008. Musically, this covered similar territory to their previous incarnation, albeit with the eccentricity dialled down a touch, and they put out some memorably noisy songs. Her current project as half of the acoustic folk duo Ruby Throat is the polar opposite. It’s a world away from Love Your Money but her captivating, ethereal vocals are as distinctive as ever.


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