Curse of Cretins: Saint Patrick’s Day Concert, Nevada City, California – March 17, 2017

Some of you might not know this but our buddy Doug (and writer for 50THIRDAND3RD) is also a talented musician who has been on the California music scene for quite some time. Before 50THIRDAND3RD was even a twinkle in my eye, Doug invited me to write some music reviews on his site Punkretrospective. That in turn was part of the inspiration for the website you are reading now and the rest is history. I was lucky enough to be asked by the band for a few garage songs ideas for their St. Patrick’s day gig in March and once I got the video footage, I knew I had to share it (and for fans of the “Leprechaun” movie franchise, your in for a treat). Below is a short bio of how the band came together.

Curse of Cretins started a couple of years ago…it’s taken a while to settle into something stable and effective. Carl and I (Doug) have been here from the beginning. It’s our friendship, which grew out of a shared love of old punk, garage and glam rock, that’s formed the foundation of this act. My involvement in Seismomatic, promoting local shows and giving high school bands a chance to get up in front of audiences, created the situations we met Ty and Hayes under. We all love fast and loud!

As a band, we’ve always invited our friends up to do Kretin Karaoke with us, which culminated in a Halloween Ramones set with two handfuls of guest singers. The stress of organizing/scheduling practices made us rethink that strategy, so we decided to just focus on original material, alone. We’re getting close to an album’s worth of material.

Funny thing, as soon as we made that decision, our friend Chappy, from Sleazy Action® remembered seeing our Ramones set and asked if we’d be willing to a 60’s garage set. He wanted us to open for Isaac Rother and the Phantoms on St. Patrick’s Day…we might have strayed off the path and Cretinized the songs, but you can see from the video, we decided to do the gig, but didn’t invite our friends to join this time.

Curse of Cretins are a garage punk band out of Nevada City, California. The core band members, youngest to oldest, are Ty Rodrigues, Hayes Burris, Doug Gaylord and Carl Helm.

Ty is our lead guitarist and also plays drums in another band, (Bootlegs). He’s also been in Reload and Anarchpeace and is the only native Californian of the group. He’s 17, a leader in the growing teen punk movement in northern California and likes the energy of Curse of Cretins.

Hayes played bass in Moral Conflict and Sudden Dismissal back in North Carolina and Virginia. He moved out to California in 2002 and played with The Burls and Single Jack, both progressive rock bands. His east coast hardcore/metal roots made him a driving force in Nevada City metal band, ( Ear Wrecked ), which sadly fell apart after their debut album was released. He’s involved in gigging with a blues band around town, but he’s drawn to the raw power of what we’re playing and has made us a much tighter outfit.

Doug is from Montana, but didn’t play in bands until he arrived in California. His band, ( El Dorko ), self-released a DIY hardcore LP in 1996 to good reviews in Maximum RocknRoll. He started ( Pug Skullz ) with Jarade Lucca (Thanx 4 Nuthin’, Free Radical) and Carl in 2011, but Carl left when Pug Skullz started to veer heavily into hardcore. Pug Skullz had a few solid years, but then ran into a Spinal Tap-like series of drummer problems, which only recently solved themselves. During a particularly long hiatus, Doug and Carl regrouped to form Curse of Cretins.

Carl Helm got his start in Canada’s longest running punk band, ( The American Devices). He would sit in on drums when their drummer was late, even though he had no idea how to play. The band liked his strange style and kept him around to release the 1988 LP ‘Decensortized’. Dave Rave (Teenage Head) called The American Devices, “The original DIY. A living example of the beginning of punk.” Carl and his wife got transferred to California, where Carl started playing drums for One-Ton Eyelid before his brief stint in Pug Skullz. Using his love of the New York Dolls, Iggy and the Stooges and the Ramones as a means of propulsion, Carl helps ground the Cretins in real rocknroll.

Curse Of Cretins

Carl Helm – Drums
Ty Rodrigues – Lead Guitar
Hayes Burris – Bass
Doug Gaylord – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Slave Girl :08
Are You a Boy/Seventh Son 2:19
Boss Hoss 5:56
Bad Man 7:51
Little Black Egg 10:33
Rari 13:32
Chinese Rocks 17:39
Search and Destroy 20:24
Pushin’ Too Hard 24:07
Oompah Loompah 26:19
Sonic Reducer 30:39

Artwork created by Michael Puetz

February 26th, 2016 -Curse of Cretins/Attack of the Hooligans- Cooper’s Ale Works, Nevada City.

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  • All those years on finally paid off! But seriously, your role in this thing was larger than you let on or maybe even know. A huge chunk of the original list of songs we started to learn for this set were on there because of your obsession with garage rock…’Bad Man’ for example. I bought ‘Soul Food’ when it was released, 1995, but probably never even listen to the 1996 release of ‘Popular Favorites’ until you started blipping’ Oblivians back in the old days. I’d totally forgotten the Barbarians song, ‘Are You a Boy, or Are You a Girl’ until you posted the Dogs version…then you reminded me again for this set.

    That’s just a start, but I’m not going to ramble on and on…in the words of Lux, without the innuendo, “you’ve got good taste.” Thanks Ben! ~ Doug

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