COLD WAR KIDS – Intense Debut Album ‘ROBBERS & COWARDS’ Is 10…

After three ear-opening EPs California‘s fervid alt rockers COLD WAR KIDS released their red-blooded debut album ROBBERS & COWARDS on 10th October 2006 – 10 years ago.
A vital body of cutting blues tensions, interwoven with heartbreaking soul vibrations to soundtrack their gripping, human stories. The band interpret classic sounds, from raw stripped-to-the-bone blues to euphoric gospel and all cool pulsations in between, in their
own thrilling way and performed – on record and on stage – it all with biting panache and burning vehemence. Particularly striking was/is frontman Nathan Willett‘s incisively high-pitched vibrato voice. A truly exceptional instrument that definitely helped to make that
arresting Cold War Kids sound stand out. Now, let’s start this emotionally deep-rooted
sonic session with three of my favourite tracks…




Here’s the birthday cake in full…

One more thing. I just read this loud and clear message on their website. YOU CANNOT LOVE YOUR MOTHER AND SUPPORT TRUMP. CHOOSE ONE. Vitriolic, in the face and true. Love them even more now. I’m Belgian, not American, but completely convinced that a foolish sexist, a nasty racist and elitist narcissus like Donald Trump is not only a danger for
the USA but for the whole bloody planet…


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