COCAINE PISS – Belgium’s Noise Sensation Shares New Mental Clip…

‘Happiness’ by COCAINE PISS

Last September the spectacular drone punks COCAINE PISS from Liege, Belgium released their dynamite debut album ‘The Dancer’ produced by legendary noise expert Steve Albini. The band went all the way to his famous Chicago studio to can the record. Result: fourteen primal scream explosions in twenty-one minutes. Even better than this thunderous LP are the band’s concerts. Led by the amazing, socially outspoken borderline frontgirl Aurélie Poppins, always communicating with members of the crowd eye-to-eye, the band are a truly smashing body/mind sensation when playing live. I know, I already experienced several of their exorcistic gatherings. To keep the heat going the quartet now just shared a deranged clip for one of the dynamite thwacks on the album. Here’s HAPPINESS. The song is about, eh… you’ll see!

COCAINE PISS: A live review – Facebook

Album ‘The Dancer’ – 14 explosions, 21 minutes – stream here on Bandcamp

(concert photos by JL)

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