Classic Eponymous Debut Album by THE DOORS is 50…

The legendary L.A. band formed in 1965. With their astonishing self-titled debut album released 4 January 1967 – fifty years ago – charismatic, provocative and much troubled frontman/lyricist Jim Morrison, tremendous keyboardist Ray Manzarek, inspiring guitarist Robby Krieger and quiet drummer John Densmore displayed their mind-boggling organ-
fueled, debauched, sultry and sensual rock bravado for the first time with single Light
My Fire
making an instant and everlasting impact on a whole generation in the year of
the summer of love

Here are some reflections on the album by American music magazine Rolling Stone:

“The Doors arrived in 1967, the same year as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band; both were psychedelic touchstones and among the first major rock discs that truly stood as albums, rather than collections of songs. But whereas the Beatles took a basically sunny view of humanity, the Doors’ debut offered the dark side of the moon. Their sound was minor-keyed, subterranean, bluesy and spacey, and their subject matter — like that of many of rock’s great albums — was sex, death and getting high. On “End of the Night,” the band invited you to “take a journey to the bright midnight.” The key to the band’s appeal was the tension between singer Jim Morrison’s Dionysian persona and the band’s crisp, melodic playing. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger’s extended solos on the album version of “Light My Fire” carried one to the brink of euphoria, while the eleven-minute epic “The End” journeyed to a harrowing psychological state. Scattered among these lengthier tracks are such nuggets as “Soul Kitchen” (“learn to forget”) and Morrison’s acid-drenched takes on the blues (“Back Door Man”) and Kurt Weill (“Alabama Song”). Though great albums followed, The Doors stands as the L.A. foursome’s most successful marriage of rock poetics with classically tempered hard rock — a stoned, immaculate classic.”

To my and millions of other ears this spectacular debut still sounds dangerous, excitatory, bluesy hot, far-out at times, rockin’ & rollin’ and damn cool these days. No fillers, all killers. Not bad for an album released 50 years ago. Here we go, on repeat today, to celebrate…

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