CHARLOTTE & MAGON – Funky Paris Pop !

‘Egg Dance’ by CHARLOTTE & MAGON !

Now here’s a musical love story. The duo was formed in 2008 when Charlotte (from Paris, France) decided to hop on a flight to Tel-Aviv with the intention of meeting an Israeli internet friend whom she had never met before, Magon, and work with him on some music in his home studio. Since then they self released two albums. A mix of dark, dramatic seventies rock and psych pop. ‘Egg Dance’ is the opener of their brand new EP, out March 3th. What? Egg Dance? Consulting the pair’s Facebook page I learned that it is a folkloric Easter game in which blindfolded dancers hop around eggs laid on the ground trying to damage as few as possible. As the egg is a symbol of rebirth in spring Pagan ceremonies, Charlotte & Magon thought experimenting and dancing around alone in their home-studio could be a new way of making things happen. And it definitely worked ! The track is a delicious, funky ‘let’s dance’ pop stroke ! C’est formidable !

Magon & Charlotte – egg dancers…

Watch them doing the ‘Egg Dance’ on video…

More C & M music here on Bandcamp…
Charlotte & Magon – Bandcamp


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