The Chantels – We Are The Chantels (1958)

I love, love, love a girl group, and one whose records I always grab when I see them is The Chantels, including their 1958 debut release, We Are The Chantels. It’s music to daydream by.

Every song on the album is a good one, the ballads brimming with sweet harmonies and the boppers bouncy, light, and fun.

Girl groups were so hot in the 50s, it seems like every record executive wanted to go out and snatch up a few young girls out of a high school or church choir, toss them in a studio, and underpay the hell out of them. It’s amazing to me to go back and realize how young some of these girls were, especially with the soulful way they sang about love and loss like a much older person might. At the time this record was released, the youngest Chantel, Renee White, was just 15 years old.

If you want to listen to some dreamy vocals on a cozy night in, you can’t go wrong with the Chantels, whose records are always ready to soothe you, caress you, take you off to daydreamland.


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