Cayetana – New Songs, New Album on the Way!

Philly trio Cayetana put out one of my top records of 2014/15 with Nervous Like Me, an accomplished superb punk pop debut.

We scored a Q&A with drummer Kelly Olsen a bit later (you can read it HERE), but it’s been a little quiet on the recording front ever since.

Even though they’ve since released an EP and a couple of singles, we are left patiently waiting for the next record – (rumored to be out this year!) In the meantime we can enjoy a couple of new songs they’ve just released on a split with Australian tour mates – Camp Cope.

Mesa is another pop gem, upbeat and catchy but distressed by Augusta Koch’s usual scratchy vocal delivery. Her voice is one of my favorites in music right now.

The vinyl is available from Poison City – HERE.



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Domestic now, but spent early to late 80s playing drums in a hair metal band in Toronto. Since then I've lost the hair and have found new ways to scratch the rock and roll itch.

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