The BV’s – British/German Anorak Pop made in Cornwall!

So as some of you know I do a little label and distro called Girlsville and i’ve put out and featured a lot of stuff from Falmouth which is a town in the county of Cornwall on England’s rugged Southwestern tip. I’m pretty sure this is where all the BBC crime procedurals with strong female leads take place as well, but i’m not 100% on that. Like I imagine these bands gig around Happy Valley and Broadchurch, in my mind the music scenes are interconnected and all super diverse and they all feature bands with impeccable influences from the Bomp! roster or maybe some Goner Records obsessed kids that grew up on some mish mash of Black Lips, West Coast rock n roll, and American hip hop. But then this one band popped out of the Falmouth scene called The BV’s, and they were different than a lot of their local counterparts, their influences decidedly more European. They completely nail a mid 80’s anorak noise pop sound, and their new album, Speaking From a Distance, comes out on April 7th on German label Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

The BV’s were formed by Josh Turner (Planet Jazz) and Frederik Jehle (Endlich Blüte) when Fred moved from Augsburg, Germany to Falmouth, England for six months in 2016. The resulting record sounds like a lost album from the Sarah Records imprint or something The Cartel distributed for Rough Trade in 1986. My favorite tunes on it get a bit more shambolic or jangly and would fit in on Slumberland or The Subway Organization labels. It’s an engaging listen beginning to end, and it’s available for pre-order on The Bv’s bandcamp page, it’s moving switfly and it’s limited to 160 copies (!!!) and pop aficionados will be dropping a lot of dough for it on ebay and discogs someday in the not-so-distant future, so it’s a good investment any way you slice it! There is a late release show where they will be supporting New Zealand indie pop giants The Bats in Augsburg, Germany on June 2nd.

Some of my go-to tracks on the album are the massive sounding noise poppers Neon and Sushi Later, and Ray is a top-tier jangler. Go check those out and then watch the 50thirdand3rd Video of the Day from The Bv’s, the vid for the title cut, Speaking From A Distance.

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