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Being of an age where I first saw Tiny Tim on “Laugh In’, I had a bit of a smile when I saw that Sean had put this comp together. There is no doubt that when this period of music that we are in now is written about Burger Records will have it’s own chapter. I’ve emailed Sean a few times over the years and I can tell you from all of that, Sean is someone who loves what he does and he works hours that would put most of us to shame. This is a fun comp made by a fellow music junkie and all I’m trying to do is spread the joy that all of us found in the music of Tiny Tim, listen to Sean’s mix, it’ll be the coolest thing you do today.

from Sean:
The first time I saw Tiny Tim was on July 19, 1993 on WWF Monday Night Raw when he visited the Jerry “The King” Lawler’s “Kings Court” and had his Ukelele smashed on live TV. I remember being struck by his oddness and in 2001 I became obsessed with it when I discovered his incredible debut LP “God Bless Tiny Tim.” This record and his subsequent releases (especially the 1968 Live at Royal Albert Hall CD that Rhino Handmade released) painted a picture of someone with a deep love, respect and knowledge of music. He was also a super weirdo, yes, for sure, but I never thought of him as someone to be laughed at as he was famous for later on. So one day I was driving around thinking about ways I could honor Tiny’s legacy (as I often do) and thought it would be a cool idea to put together a compilation of songs that Tiny Tim covered in the same style as the “Born Bad” compilations of songs that The Cramps taught us. Now, years later, I’ve finally found the time to put together this pet project of mine. Please enjoy and tell your friends about Tiny Tim. Thank you.

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