Burger A-Go-Go 2!

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Burger A-Go-Go

Burger A-Go-Go, who?

A cooler, rock n roll version of Lilith Fair!!!

That’s right, kids! Burger A Go-Go is Burger Records newer festival featuring female musicians and female driven bands! Quickly gaining popularity, it is a great festival to celebrate women in music without being so uptight or patronizing about it. Featuring acts like Cat Power, Bleached, Kate Nash, Cherry Glazerrr, Kimya Dawson, The Juilie Ruin (Kathleen Hanna’s new band), and Glitterbust (Kim Gordon’s new project) the lineup was awe inspiring. As a female musician, myself, I know how it is to be one, and I think being a part of this festival would be an honor and a blast!

First, I caught La Sera who have dreamy pop vibes with some pretty melodic vocals. Front-woman Katie Goodman is best known for being a member of the former band Vivian Girls.

Katy Goodman of La Sera taken by Leonard Albert Drorian found at leonardalbert.tumblr.com

La Sera was a lot of fun, and it’s contagious!

In the crowd watching La Sera

In the crowd watching La Sera

Next was Gal Pals a two piece from Austin, Texas. Their fun surfy feel and fun in the sun vibes warmed the crowd.


Jessie Jones lead singer of Feeding People performed her signature style of psych pop with great energy and owned the stage.



After that, I caught Dog Party a pop punk garage style sister duo from Sacramento. They were so much fun everyone was dancing



I caught a tiny bit of Avalon Lurks an LA based electronic pop act.


Then I had to rush over to catch Summer Twins a real life sister duo from Riverside. Performing live they had other members adding to their dream pop do wop goodness! Their beautiful harmonies and heartbreaking love ballads enchanted the crowd.



Next was Kimya Dawson of Moldy Peaches! She graced the stage with her signature vocals and acoustic guitar.


The next band I saw was Massenger. Their garage surf pop sound combined with front-woman Sasha Green’s vocals exuded fun and resulted in lots of dancing! If you haven’t heard them before, definitely check them out!



Next up was Cherry Glazerr with their dream pop rock and “girl’s night out” vibes, they were definitely a crowd pleaser!


Another great example of sisters making music together, Jennifer and Jesse Clavin are the front-women of Bleached. They totally owned the stage during their set with pop rock n roll with great harmonies and fun vibes.



I hadn’t heard of The Sulk Scouts before, so I’m glad I got to see them for myself! Hailing from Boston, they churn out some signature silly electro surf rock songs “about boys and boners.” Definite dance party in the crowd! A blast to see!


Los Angeles three piece all-girl band Bombon was a great example of a modern twist on the classic 60s girl band sound. With surfy flamenco songs about Annette and Frankie from the Beach Party movies to rockin songs about gossip and pow wows, they brought the old in with the new in just the right amount!


Kate Nash, winner of Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards, put on quite the performance. Citing Kathleen Hanna as her idol, and getting the opportunity to play a female driven music festival with her must have been a dream come true!


Kim Gordon, of Sonic Youth debuted her new project Glitterbust. Her only other member being Alex Knost of Tomorrow’s Tulips. Simply two guitars churning out psych/drone style sounds. Kim screamed now and then into the mic while cool visuals project behind them. Almost like an art project turned jam sesh, the noise twirled with the fog and the improv-like performance had me not needing to differentiate between the two. It’s both!



The highlight of the evening, for me, was seeing The Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna’s newer project! Best known for being lead singer of Bikini Kill, Kathleen has long been a strong example of an empowered and empowering female musician. My favorite moment during the set was before playing the song “Apt #5,” she mentioned that she’d been reading up on toxic friendships and that the most freeing thing is to realize, “You don’t have to live the rest of your life with people that treat you like shit.”



Cat Power aka Chan Marshal played her set last on the main stage. She wasn’t with a backing band, it was just her on the stage solo and intimate with her guitar and piano. She told many stories and interacted with the crowd, which seemed to be waning and although the set was good, it was making me sleepy, so I thought I’d check out the last band on the other stage before leaving.


Burger A-Go-Go ended with The Rosalyns from San Diego. They were another great example of 60s style female garage rock bands. They not only sounded 60s but dressed it, too! They were amazing! With tons of wild screams and multiple vocals with danceable drums and guitars mixed with the essential keyboard sound, they definitely sounded authentic enough to question about whether or not they steppped out of a time machine and on stage! Not only that, but they covered a song by the first all-girl rock n roll band, The Clinger Sisters, and invited a special guest to perform it with them! Patsy Clinger joined them on stage and had a blast and you could tell the performance took her back in time, too! What a fun surprise and a great way to end the festival!


Patsy Clinger joins Rosalyns on stage

Patsy Clinger joins Rosalyns on stage

Burger A-Go-Go was a blast and a great way to celebrate women of rock. There are so many amazing and talented female musicians out there all throughout time and even more in our time! I was personally very inspired and felt empowered seeing so many great role models and excellent examples of women, who quite literally, rock! Definitely something worth celebrating!

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