Brixton-based electro pop that don’t stop….Meet, Boy Names


Boy Names from left to right, Elliot, Patrick and Nudge. Photo by Thom Wrafter.

For anyone out there who misses the 1980’s this will make you very happy. Boy Names add some funk to the electro beats, fun stuff, and if you want to dance this will let you groove to the night fades into day. Love the strength of the vocals, a little Annie Lennox and that’s not a bad thing by any stretch. and the guy vocals are a little on The Smiths/Cure side of things , again ..not a bad thing especially if you like The Smiths or The Cure. Good stuff, give a listen today to Boy Names.

Meet Boy Names

We are…

Patrick Seeburn – Vocals

Nudge Staden – Vocals, Keyboards

Elliot Stubbs – Drums and stuff

People say we sound like…..

E: We’re all over the place. Electronic pop for the most part, but with some R&B and indie inclinations. When people see us live I think we rock out a little more than you’ve heard so far on recordings. We basically want to collect all of the sounds we like and try to refine it into something decent, and not just a brown mush.

We are originally from…..

P: I’m from Islington, North London

E: Born in Fairfax, Virginia, USA then I grew up in the City of Dreams, Bradford, UK

N. I’m 100% mongrel, but London is my home.

Who are some bands that have an influence on your sound?

P: I think our sound is a mix of all manner of pop/indie outfits both mainstream and alternative spanning the last 60yrs. From Metronomy to Sonic Youth by way of Kim Wilde.

N. If you saw Grace Jones, Hot Chip and Battles in the same room, you’d know it was our house party.

The first time we met was…..

N: Patrick and I go back to teenage days, whereas Elliot and I share a desk job together…
E: The germ for the band started when we all happened to be in New York together at the same time. My friend was hosting a baby shower in her apartment that we ended up crashing (a little bit) and…
P: …Sucking on some helium

We knew we were going to be a Band…
P: Once the helium wore off and it still seemed like a nice idea

E: I thought it was silly that Patrick and Nudge weren’t in a band with me. Then it happened.

Books we recommend …
E: At the moment I’m only reading to make myself learn or make myself laugh, so books about evolution and David Sedaris. My fiction tastes have basically not changed since I was in my teens. You can’t go wrong with Kurt Vonnegut, I love Jailbird especially, but I they’re all winners.

P: Just Kids by Patti Smith… Lolito by Ben Brooks

N: Judy Blume made me the woman I am today.

Our craziest gig ever was….
E: If by “crazy” you mean most sparsely attended, we’ve had a couple of those.

P: Playing to 3 people at The Amersham arms

E: We did manage to tease that up to about 25 by the end. Got a good review from that gig though.

P: Yeah, we got a lovely write up despite the lack of love

If you could pick any time to travel back to for music, where would you go and what year would it be….
P: NYC, mid to late ‘70s

N: 1998. Jennifer Paige on repeat.

E: Year zero for the explosion, and I’d take my trusty ear defenders. Actually, I do love “Crush”, I’m in for 1998.

Growing up, at home we listened to…..

P: A lot of vocal lead stuff. Lots of pop, girl groups and soul but always underpinned by quiet folkier moments & singer/songwriters
E: Talking Heads, Prefab Sprout… generally very good stuff. I’m pretty lucky that way.
N: My dad loved opera and my mother loved Latin. As long as it was passionate it was played LOUD.

What tunes are on heavy rotation for you…
P: ‘You Don’t Have To’ by John Grant, ‘Gooey’ by Glass Animals, ‘Disco//very’ by Warpaint, ‘Water Me’ by FKA Twigs and ‘You Are My Love’ – Liverpool Express..

N: Jamie XX can do no wrong to me right now, Todd Terje’s album makes me still believe its summer, and The War On Drugs have a timeless album on their hands.

E: I really like the Sylvan Esso and Future Islands records. The remastered “Spiderland” by Slint has been on constantly and is obviously very good. Womack & Womack’s “Love Wars” and Lonny’s “Peace 2 The Streets” are also entertaining me a lot at the moment.

If you could open for any Band right now who would that be and why?

E: The usual suspects; Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, a reformed Books, a reformed Sonic Youth, Jordy… It would only be so we could watch from the side of the stage. Maybe Arcade fire would let us wear one of their papier mache heads.

N: I’d say Bjork, but I’d probably be too dazed to perform…

When you are touring and have some time off, where could we find you..,.,
E: We need to tour first. Lonely Hearts Ad: Three eager musicians seek better-connected band for tour fun and maybe more?
P: We’ll be at the pub

The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us
E: Remember that wonderful image of a kitten holding on to a tree branch and hang in there.

N: We’re born naked, and the rest is drag

P: We will always stick up for you. Xx

now listen to the music…

Boy Names,

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