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Today we bring you, The Tulips. It’s a dreamy mix of folk and psych centered around gorgeous harmonies and full of reverb. Has a nice nod to the 60’s without being obvious. I love their answer to my question of Beatles and Stones. I first listened to them on the psych tribute to The Stones , which seriously caught my attention. The Tulips new album “Echo Blue” is one that you can put on your turntable, sit back and get lost in the melodies. It’s a fresh new sound for a new age of psych-folk and it’s right here for you to give a listen to……

Hi our name is…… The Tulips.

People say our sound…. is hard to pin down but has an ethereal quality to it like Pink Floyd

meets Radiohead but with more of a folk element to it.

We are….. Jared Petrich, Dana Rogge, Adam Halferty, with new additions Jonathan Snyder,

and Jimmy Welsh

We are from…. MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles, CA

We have influence from….. a lot of different people from different time periods but I would

say our biggest influences as a band that we have in common are Velvet Underground,

My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, Roger Miller, and Townes Van Zandt.

I started playing guitar when I was 10 and most everyone else in the band started real

young too. I’m on lead guitar and sing, D’s on the keys and sings too, Adam is on the

drums, Johnny plays bass, and Jimmy plays guitar and sings too.

The writing process for us ….starts in different ways and its usually always a little different.

Sometimes I hear a song in a dream and wake up and write it down and work on it from

there. A lot of the time I’ll bring a song that is mostly done and we’ll dial it in more. Other

times I or D will bring a semi formed song and then we’ll work on it till we both feel it

captured something special we connect too. Also, there are songs that happen when we’ll

just be playing around and a great riff or melody comes out and it grows from there.

Other times the words come first. There are no real set of rules or guidelines we follow.

The only rule is to be open minded and not to possessive over any idea. You got to let the

songs grow how they want to and it is usually better than what you had in your mind to

start anyway.

I think the biggest challenge these days is…. allowing yourself to live a very creative, free

lifestyle while still handling the business aspect of everything. It is really difficult having a

booker or someone like that talking a bunch of money, logistics, and business with you

right before playing a show for a bunch of people, the two vibes are just at odds. You

want to share beauty, and a create a certain feeling the whole crowd can enjoy. The last

thing you should be focusing on or talking about is money and all the details.

Beatles or Stones?

Love them both, but we’d have to choose Dylan

We are currently listening to…

Papercuts, Ferraby Lionheart, Heatmiser, and Dave Rawlings.

If we could open for any band right now…. it would be Cass McCombs or The Stray Cats.

on giving advise…..I would have to say to your son. Don’t mess around with having a girlfriend until you have

written at least 20 great songs and girls stay away from boys in general, especially

musicians, only kidding. Also listen to the Grateful Dead as much as possible, playing

along with them is a great way to learn music.

Our plans for 2015…. are to line up some festivals and showcases, some small tours on the

west coast, which are already in the works. We are recording an ep in the next couple of

months and are planning to release it this coming fall. We are also a part of a couple

psychedelic tribute projects with Cleopatra Records. So you will be seeing a Led Zeppelin

and David Bowie tune coming out from us real soon!

listen to some excellent tunes….

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