Brat Farrar – New Record Displays a DIY Punk Maturity

When we checked in with Aussie rocker Brat Farrar (aka Sam Agostino) back in 2015, I described his music as “snotty, sneery, drum machine punk racket“. In hindsight that may have been too simple of a description, especially after listening to his latest album Brat Farrar III. (You can read the interview HERE!)

His latest record is definitely swimming in the same pool as I and II, but there’s something dare I say more mature about the tracks making up III. Mind you this maturity began with the excellent fast-tempo shoegaze single “Feel This Way” he released on Hound Gawg! Records last year. It may be apropos to mention that Brat Farrar, the character in Josephine Tey’s classic crime novel is somewhat of a chameleon, a term that could be used to describe Sam Agostino.

“On Your Mind” starts off the record at full speed, you know snotty and sneery, like the Dead Boys with a drum machine. There’s some Dinosaur Jr. alt-rock thing happening on “Make You Mine” and “Last Summer” but both tracks veer away from straight up punk influences and start leading the record down a different path.

The stylings of My Bloody Valentine/Love and Rockets/Jesus and Mary Chain intertwined with the songwriting prowess of Paul Westerberg creeps into the rest of the record including the splendid “Downtown” making III a hypnotic listening experience.

CD version out on Off The Hip Records vinyl on Kizmiaz Records.



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