BOB DYLAN ! ‘Desire’ Album – No 1 in US – 40 Years Ago Today…

I never was in the ‘this is my hero’ thing, but Bob Dylan comes close, real close.
The troubadour’s oeuvre is unmatchable. Most compelling storyteller ever. Music
for anytime of the day and night. Always. So much choice. DESIRE was released
on January 5, 1976 and hit the US top spot on 24 January 1976 – 40 years ago
. His seventeenth album, co-written with Jacques Levy. Another Dylan you
always listen to from start to finish. Every song is like a (good) movie. Sticky tales.
Grand entertainment. Many highlights: One More Cup of Coffee (about a gypsy girl),
Sara (the greatest song he ever wrote about, probably, the one and only true love in…


his life, the sad-eyed lady of the Lowlands), Mozambique (Dylan searching for
as many rhymes as possible for ‘-ique’), Joey (outstanding twelve-verse ballad),
Romance in Durango (touching story about an outlaw and his lover, on the run
in Mexico), and of course Hurricane, definitely the best known song on the LP,
a protest against the unjust conviction of black boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter
for triple murder in 1966. Carter was eventually released in 1985. Here’s a
magnificent outtake (great Emmylou Harris vocals too)…

I’m in the mood now, no way back, here’s Desire in full…

BobDylan - kopie-800
The man is a hero…


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