Blues legend SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON ! 1899 – 1965…

I wonder if any contributor of 50thirdand3rd ever made a post about an artist born in the
19th century. It feels quite cool to do so, going really back to the roots. But first I wanna tell you a story. Once upon a time when I was a little boy a big guy called Keith told me about black men playing the devil’s music. He said: “JL, when you grow up you need to listen to genuine musicians like Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Big Bill Broonzy. They are the real thing. They play music called ‘blues’. Me and my white friends tried to copy them for years when we first formed a band back in the sixties. We never got it right because we had no tortured souls like those guys. And we weren’t poor and we lived in the city of fancy London in England.” Keith emphasised urgently to listen to Sonny Boy Williamson. One of his favorite cool blues cats.

Being a good little boy I followed Keith’s advice and he was absolutely right. This man is 100% authentic. An incomparable blues icon – with several different artist names throughout his career – who played the harmonica like nobody else. He was born on December 5, 1899 (here we are) in Glendora, Mississippi and after a life full of troubled blues brilliance he died on May 26, 1965. Let’s celebrate the harmonica hero’s birthday with some impressive and cracking moments…

Here’s Sonny Boy Williamson’s pretty awesome biography


Sometimes I wonder what happened to Keef and his band…

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