Black Lips fragrance? Black Lips clothing? Oh, and a new record as well…


It appears flower punkers the Black Lips are branching out into the fashion world. Plans are in motion to launch a line of denim jackets with French label APRIL77 and there is also rumblings about a Black Lips fragrance in the works. Hey, if One Direction and Bieber can do it – why not the Black Lips? Though I’m not sure where a Black Lips scent will fall on the fragrance wheel. Woody? Floral? Boozy?
On the music front – when getting ready to record their next record – apparently the band made overtures to incarcerated producing legend Phil Spector. Alas, the requests remain unanswered which is too bad because a Spector produced Black Lips record would be something to behold.
It seems they resorted to a more collaborative approach to production working with the likes of Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, Tommy Brenneck (Charles Bradley), and the fifth Back Lip – Ed Rawls. Underneath the Rainbow (Vice Records) will be released on March 18th. If you can’t wait – here’s a sneak preview:

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