Apocalyptic Two Part Single by BIG BAD ECHO…

I recently discovered BIG BAD ECHO. A most intriguing band out of Brisbane, Australia that started as a songwriting outlet for frontman Mick Reddy back in 2013. Their overall intriguing 7-track debut EP titled ‘It Takes A Big Dog To Weigh A Tonne’ (Spotify link below) blew me away. A record packed with impressive, psychedelic post punk jams that messed up my mind. And now they just shared new – two part – single HISTORY REPEATING Part 1 and 2. Very unusual in format and quite freaky in content and performance.

Drummer Michael Swift told me more about their new, compelling release: “The song is loosely based around the feeling that the end is just around the corner. Every news program feels like a confirmation that we’re truly fucked. Global warming, financial issues, terrorism, food shortages, droughts etc. Is the end nigh? A topic that humans are fascinated with, obsessed by. Everyday becomes a part of history, you don’t feel it, It just happens. The idea of the two part single is just a different way to approach the format of a song. Art has no rules, we just do what we think sounds good to us.”

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived. Their message is scathing, their thunder
is paralyzing. Feel the growing menace here…

BIG BAD ECHO: Facebook – More band info


There’s no way back now. Here’s their 7-track debut EP

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