Big Album Tracks Selection ! 7 x PIXIES…

I loved this Boston noisemakers from the first minute/track/album/gig. Pixies, the magic quartet of Black Francis, David Lovering, Joey Santiago and ‘super’ Kim Deal already formed in 1986 (wow, sounds like a couple of centuries ago) and became everybody’s
favorite loud/quiet/loud/quiet band.


After 3 and a 1/2 brilliant albums they stopped digging for fire and called it a day in 1993.
I suppose that boredom and dollar signs brought them back together in 2004.
I saw them playing (again). It was one of those rare reunions you want to embrace 4ever.


But then Kim Deal left the band/got kicked out (all parties have their own story) and Pixies released their 5th studio album ‘Indie Cindy’‘ without Kim ! What a shame, Mister President ! Touring and recording without Kim ! Nobody, I repeat, nobody can replace natural-born bass player/damn cool lady & breeder Kim Deal.

Kim Deal
Blow the whistle, Kim, and rejoin the troop…

Sorry folks, I let myself go (but then again no Pixies without Kim etc…).
I’ll stop moaning. Music, maestro, please !
I selected impulsively 7 big Pixies tracks (I know Kim didn’t play on
Blue Eyed Hexe‘, but it’s the best riff bomb AC/DC never wrote) !
Let’s roll…

Pixies -website

P.s.: I’m a fan of Kim Deal…

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