Best of 2015 – Record Label Edition – Windian Records



If you are looking for some of the best garage punk ever know to man , I have the place for you – Windian Records. All of these 45s’ or to you kids 7s’ are top notch killer tracks and they make for one hell of a gift to that music junkie in your life. Windian to me is my wild side, when I just want to let loose and kick out the jams, I go to Windian and I suggest as you head into the last shopping weekend before xmas, go to Windian Records and turn on your loved ones to some kick ass tunes….

and in 2016….

Windian Records is planning a pop-up record shop (with more than just Windian of course) as well as a two day festival with some Windian (& non-Windian) bands in the springtime in DC …stay tuned for more coverage of all things Windian…


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