THE BEATLES – Masterpiece Album REVOLVER Is 50 Today!….

I bet my own soul that nowadays high-profile artists would sell their souls to the devil just for free if they only could create just a fraction of the very genius of THE BEATLES‘ (plus sonic ideas wizard George Martin) masterpiece REVOLVER. Every single chord, every single note, every single beat, every single vocal, every single harmony, every single lyric, every single handclap still sounds – even in today’s obsessive high-tech world – magical, fifty (!) years after it was released! Twelve timeless quality pearls (we even love Ringo Starr‘s typical out of tune singing – I’m sure the use of chemicals in the studio went sky-high at that very moment – on Yellow Submarine). Listen to any band/singer/songwriter/artist/musician who walked this planet after this phenomenal pop chef d’œuvre stunned millions in 1966 (5th August in UK, 3 days later in US) and you’ll hear the countless desperate attempts to be a Beatle for just three minutes. The Fab Four were no less than unique and couldn’t and can’t be reproduced by no one (even themselves as solo artists afterwards), not then, not now, not ever. Wow, it’s a glorious Good Day Sunshine today. Music, maestro, please…

Twenty cool things – thanks to NME magazine – you should know about REVOLVER .
Read here and a also a great reflection by PopMatters some years ago…

THE BEATLES: Website – Facebook

“Honestly, Brian Wilson wrote all the songs. We were too stoned.”


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