The Bands of Goner Fest 13- Zerodent

zerodentContinuing on with our series of Goner Fest 13, bands that will blowing you away September 29th through October 2nd is Zerodent. Zerodent formed in February 2015, recorded a demo in April, recorded an album in July 2015, catching the eye of Goner Records with an invitation to play Goner Fest. The album is out now on Alien Snatch! Records. The band is out of Perth, Australia… And I don’t know what those Australians are putting in the water down under but dang the talent coming out of that place is unreal. Zerodent will be going on tour starting on the east coast of Australia and their US tour this fall, finishing off their tour with a stop in Memphis for Goner Fest. Members are Lee Jenkins (vocals), Louis Hooper (drums), Predrag Delibasich (guitar) and Kenta McGrath (bass).

“Zerodent’s LP contains ten short, loud and melodic songs. From the opening “Joy” the band firmly stands on punk grounds, blending r’n’r, new wave and pop into it. Lyrically, the band threads between feeling good/feeling bad and “me against the world” themes, pointing a finger at others as well as themselves.”

Zerodent is….
…a brand of tooth paste. Also a punk band from Perth, Australia

Zerodent sounds like…
…a brand of tooth paste. Also sounds like a punk band from Perth, Australia.

Popular and unpopular music from 1950s onwards, good food, good drinks, good people. But also the bad ones.

What is happening in Zerodent’s life right now?
Playing shows and promoting the debut album, preparing to start recording the next one.

What does the rest of this year look like for Zerodent?
Managing the full-time work, kids, band and touring.

Thoughts on GonerFest?
According to our singer who attended in 2007 – the best festival ever! Totally stoked we got invited to be the part of it.

Any other bands playing GonerFest you are excited to catch play?
All of them! Will make sure we do not miss any!

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Buy your tickets to Goner Fest HERE. A big thanks to Zerodent for talking with me and Goner for being host to such a kickass rock festival.

Check out Goner Records website and Facebook for more artists lineup and updates! We will be posting more in the coming weeks before this goes down September 29!

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