Back With New Ass Kicking Rollercoaster – Here’s DEAP VALLY…

‘Femejism’ by DEAP VALLY – Released 16 September 2016


Bloody cool Californian duo DEAP VALLY is back, 3 years after introducing themselves
to the world with a big bang. Absolutely! Raw debut LP Sistrionix was a devilish ear-opener. Brand new successor FEMEJISM keeps kicking ass lyrically & audibly, but this efficacious longplayer is overall richer in sound, in composition and in execution than their firstborn. Dazzlingly orchestrated by Nick Zinner – musical maestro of the wonderful Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – best friends Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards operate in a far wider sonic territory than before to get red of their mean demons. And do they love the nasty fight! From fully powered blues slam dunks (Smile More/Royal Jelly) to slow-moving snakes (Heart Is An Animal/Teenage Queen) creeping under your skin without asking. From the glamorous thunder of Two Seat Bike spiced with gloriously frisky harmonies to the swirling psychedelia of Post Funk and the amplified pop intensity of Turn It Off. And they do it only the way THEY want Gonnawanna) with a loud and clear punk attitude. The record is an introspective, full-mouthed rollercoaster filled with intense, mixed emotions. With fear, love, hate and anger. Yes, feelings, because
it’s about two human beings, because it’s about their fucking live. Imposing & tempting at
the same time. Here are two impressive personalities – genuine, outspoken, charismatic and dangerously sexy – creating a real dirty fuzzed-out blues fury with different colors, various paces and gripping borderline sledgehammers. Troy‘s vocal rage and Edwards‘ vigorous drumming are lethal weapons. Unfeigned rebels with a knockout cause. Femejism is an honest body of heavy loaded work. HELL YEAH!…

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See you in Brussels next Friday, ladies…

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