Record of the Day… Baby Ghosts / No Ditching Split


Salt Lake City’s Baby Ghosts put out one of my go to records of the past few years in 2014 (Maybe Ghosts) and we did a meet the band (you can read it HERE).

Since it’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from BG, I am pumped that Drunken Sailor Records has put out a Baby Ghosts split with Durham, England’s No Ditching.

Return of Bones (Part I & II) is another hooked filled garage pop goody. Looking forward to more!


“No Ditching are a five piece band from the village of Pity Me, Durham. The band consists of Naomi on vocals and guitar, Freya on bass, Kate on drums, Elle playing an extra tom drum, and Laura on guitar.
Raw, snotty punk, kinda Raincoats meet Les Calamites.”

BABY GHOSTS – Facebook

Baby Ghosts – Bandcamp

Drunken Sailor Records

No Ditching – Facebook

No Ditching – Bandcamp

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