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The Apostate, Art Bergmann’s first full-length record of new music in 21 years is like nothing he’s ever done before. But then again, that’s not surprising.

The Canadian underground punk rock legend has never been content to stick to the same old highway. He once said about the music business: “As soon as you approach success, whoever you’re dealing with want you to repeat yourself. And that’s not his (Robert Fripp) or my modus operandi“.

I’ve always put Bergmann in bed with artists like Julian Cope, Nick Cave or Paul Westerberg.

Lead singer and songwriter for the K-Tels who became the Young Canadians in the late 70s, Bergmann is the man behind one of the greatest punk songs ever written – Hawaii.

However, after only two EPs the Young Canadians called it quits. Bergmann resurfaced in the mid-80s with a handful of stellar solo records including two of my favs – Sexual Roulette in 1990 and the self-titled 1991 release showcasing his wide ranging song writing talents.

He won a Juno award in 1996 for his rehab penned – What Fresh Hell Is This? his last record of new material, and put out two more records of previously recorded and unreleased material before going off the grid in 2000.

Over the past 16 years, Bergmann released some archival material and an EP of new music in 2014 before turning to a crowdfunding campaign to release The Apostate. It’s now out on Toronto’s (weewerk) Records and although it is a quieter affair, his brilliant songwriting is once again on display. Luckily for us Bergmann obviously still has his muse by his side.


(weewerk) Records


Photo by: Kenneth Locke

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