Anybody Out There?


Ever find yourself blindsided by a song? Not looking, but it found you? You know what I mean, you’re on YouTube, “working”, and you spot a screen grab on the sidebar that compels you to click it. For me, it was the sight of one of my all-time favourite guitars: a Gibson Explorer. The fact that the guy holding it was easy on the eyes and is wearing a tinfoil-covered space helmet helped, too. Thanks to my jejune tastes (*at times*, let’s not get crazy), I stumbled upon the Mean Jeans.

With a love of Jägerbombs, parties, spaceships, and cheesy 80s movies, these guys snagged my heart. Standout songs: Ready 2 Rip, Come Toobin’, Anybody Out There.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Mean Jeans and “Anybody Out There?” off the “On Mars” CD. See their bandcamp link for a digital download. If only they’d get busy on some cut-off t shirts to sell…

Tune in next time for a look back at Ween, and maybe a snippet on the fear I have about my upcoming 1st Slayer concert.

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