An Artistic and Cinematic Take on Garage Rock . Meet, Natalie Pryce


This is not your ordinary garage rock experience. There is a lot more to this , all of which I think is pretty cool. This is from their Home page…
Natalie Pryce’s debut album, called ‘…And Other Tales’, was recorded in one day at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio. Aside from this being an incredible feat of achievement, the live sound of the band gives the whole album an energy and warmth missing from so many contemporary recordings. The whole thing feels very real which gives authenticity to the songs themselves. This sound is helped along by the fact that the album was completely recorded on analogue, with the twelve tracks completed in one take each. This is a band that knows their stuff.
For a four piece band they have an enormous sound. The playing is excellent. Drummer Stephen Coleman plays with power and precision, moving seamlessly through jazzed out sophistication to hammer of Thor onslaught. Bassist Steven Litts plays his instrument with passion and energy that comes through in the loping, hypnotic bass lines. Greg Taylor provides the guitar which cuts through the deep rhythms and gives the music a dangerous and somehow sexy feel. Mark Swan is shit. for more….Natalie Pryce

Let’s Meet…..Natalie Pryce

Hi our name is….

Natalie Pryce

2. And our sound might be best described as….

A dark atmospheric amalgam of punk, blues, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll.

3. We are…

MARK SWAN: Vocals / Harmonica / Melodica




4. We are originally from…..

Various small rural communities from around the highlands and lowlands of Scotland before meeting in the city of Glasgow.

5. The first time we met was…..

At a one-off screening of Andrzej Żuławski’s “Possession” at a local cinema. We were the only four people in there and somehow by the end of it we knew we were all going to get along.

6. We knew we were going to be a Band when………

We were jamming out some songs in the studio one day and I had a feeling we’d done pretty good on this particular day so I listened back to the recordings. What I heard back was a revelation to me. I kept listening to that record over and over and thinking “we can do this”. That recording is now our first album, ‘Natalie Pryce: …And Other Tales’.

7. Before starting the band we were employed as…….


Door-to-door salesman


freelance scientist

8. Our craziest gig ever was….

At a venue that unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. It was called ‘Stardust’ and was one of the last great decaying old 50s ballrooms: all crumbling baroque theatre style balconies and mural ceilings. A comedian wearing a velvet suit and bow tie introduced us (I don’t recall his name). At one point a few songs into the set someone in the audience got agitated and started screaming at the band. They were obviously drunk and had some serious problem with what we were doing. Instead of just ignoring the guy I dropped my mic and jumped off the stage and went right up to him and told him softly “I forgive you”. This only angered him more and he started actually spitting in my face and screaming at me. I just kept telling him “I forgive you” over and over, “I forgive you”. Eventually the guy got so upset he started aggressively weeping and rushed out of the venue. I got back on stage and we finished our set. It was a crazy gig but not an uncharacteristic one.

9. The first song we wrote was…….


10. It’s about……

Eve tells the story of a failed suicide attempt told in Miltonian free verse. It’s about the wilful dismissal of reality, with all its disappointments and betrayals, in favour of the world of imagination and dreams.

11. What we are currently listening to….

John Coltrane – ‘OM’

12. A few albums we could never part with….

Judy Henske – Judy Henske

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Various artists – Angola Prison Spirituals‏

13. For fun we like to…..

Entertain each other with stories either real or imagined and sharing bits of strange facts we’ve heard; like did you know nutmeg (if taken in large enough quantities) is hallucinogenic? Or did you know a cockroach can live for around eight and a half days without a head before it starves to death? Here’s a good one: if you dig a hole one mile deep and drop a cannon ball down it – it will never hit the bottom due to the Coriolis effect.

14. The one thing we want you to remember while you’re listening to us……

This is art. Rock ‘n’ roll is art. Arguably it is one of the greatest of the artistic mediums. It isn’t just written like poetry or prose it is also performed like theatre. And unlike theatre the performers themselves have to make artistic decisions every night it is performed depending on the size of the room, on the crowd and even how they’re feeling personally. A lyric said or sung in a certain way can change its meaning. Whether or not you’ve read Moby Dick is unlikely to have an enormous effect on your life but if you’ve heard The Ramones at the right time it can change the way you dress, the friends you make, even your political opinions, almost every aspect of your personality. Rock ‘n’ roll is important. Pay attention.

15. Expect…..From us in 2014

We plan on filming several more videos to help promote the band and then hopefully we’ll generate enough interest that we can get some funding to get another day back in the studio and make another album. We’ve got all the songs written. We just need to play them. The album will be called “Vol. II: The Ascent from Ego to Ego”.




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