All-girl, all original, 60’s influenced, garage rock band from Connecticut…..Stark Raving Lulu


Lead singer Amy has been a friend of ours at 50thirdand3rd since day 1. Isn’t it a little past time that we all give a listen to some of their excellent garage rock….

Stark Raving Lulu is excited to present our new CD Welcome to the Fun-O-Sphere! We are an all-girl, all original, 60’s influenced, garage rock band from Connecticut.  Band members include Amy Ronczka (Lala Lulu) on vocals, Deb Wilson Sutfin (LowEnd Lulu) on bass, Marcy LaBella (Bella Lulu) on guitar, and Lisa Tonner (Boom Boom Lulu) on drums. All veterans of the CT indie music scene, Lala was the lead vocalist/songwriter for the rock group Cat Walk (later Cat Mercy) whose fight with the TV show of the same name earned them notoriety in Billboard magazine and on WTNH-TV.  Bella has played in the legendary punk New Haven band Baby Strange as well as Jane 12 and Double Naught Spys. Marcy is proudly sponsored by Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.  LowEnd sang, recorded and toured internationally with the band f’n colleen and contributed vocals for Tossing the Puppet, Siblings and a variety of other artists recording projects.  Boom Boom has been behind a drum kit since 1987 and has been in a number of bands including The Names and Streetwise. Musical influences: Lala – Beatles, Monkees, Mamas & the Papas, Kinks, New Pornographers. Low End – U2, Crowded House, The Who, Morrissey, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos Bella – Stones, The Who, The Kinks, 60’s garage, punk rock, The Ramones, girl                     groups Boom Boom – The Kinks, The Ramones, Suicidal Tendencies, New York Dolls,       Runaways  Fun Facts about Stark Raving Lulu Lala’s first paid gig was as a back-up singer for an Elvis impersonator. (Old fat white  pants suit Elvis) LowEnd rescues Greyhounds and also does a mean Gene Simmons impersonation. She is also tidy. Bella’s first band Baby Strange opened for Stiv Bators when she was just 16, oh and she’s a farmer. Boom Boom is a belly dancer and is studying to be a crazy cat lady.

Here’s what people are saying about Welcome to the Fun-O-Sphere!

“hooky rock ‘n’ roll drawn from vintage girl-groups, with a dash of ’70s punk attitude.” And “The songs whip past with a certain homemade charm, which lends them a primal immediacy” – Eric Danton-Listen Dammit!

“like a tilt a whirl through sassy 60′s garage rock and a popcorn protopunk ring toss to the Ramones” – Nick Caito – Sound Check, The Hartford Courant.

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