Algiers – The Underside of Power. Revolution Calling!

Algiers, your favorite revolutionary dystopian soul band is dropping a new record on June 23rd and “The Underside of Power” is the title track.

The record is timely as Algiers demonstrated on their 2015 debut record, they don’t shy away from tackling themes of injustice and abuses of power with a foundation of post-punk southern gospel.

You don’t know what real power is until you’re
on the wrong side of it

I’ve added the band’s spectacular Spotify playlist below as well so you can check out the tunes that inspire the band.

Franklin James Fisher – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, piano, rhodes, cello, drums, percussion, sampling
Ryan Mahan – bass, synthesisers, piano, backing vocals, percussion, drum programming
Lee Tesche – guitar, prepared instruments, percussion, loops, backing vocals
Matt Tong – drums, percussion, backing vocals




Photo: Tom Medwell


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