Album of the Week: SNAPPED ANKLES – Come Play The Trees

I’ve been listening to Snapped Ankles debut full-length – “Come Play the Trees” non-stop for the past week or so after it was recommended to me.

There is so, so much going on here and man is it ever brilliant! It’s otherworldly really – an amazing blend of tribal, primitive, electronic psych. As they call themselves: AGRROcultural PUNKTRONICA From AnaLOGe Dendrophilia Mediators.

Labeled art-rock, post-punk or krautrock, Snapped Ankles, from London, UK have been around since 2011 but are just getting to releasing an album after years of critically acclaimed live shows and a couple of singles and EPs.

The band (who all remain mysteriously nameless) appear on stage in forest themed costumes, make instruments from logs and incorporate film into everything they do. They are named for a particularly gruesome scene in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “Misery”.

This is a live show I can’t wait to see.

FFO: Public Image Ltd., The Fall, Suicide, NEU!



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