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Girlsville Records:

from our friends at Girlsville Records:

The Show & Tell Years 2002-2007
THE STORY: Show & Tell Recordings started one fateful night in San Francisco, CA. I had been toying with the idea of starting a label and one night at Hemlock Tavern I went to see BEEHIVE & THE BARRACUDAS because I thought Kerry Davis from The Red Aunts was in the band. Turns out she had left for the East Coast. But as luck would have COACHWHIPS was on the same bill. I had a transcendant experience at that show. You’d never seen a room erupt in such a freak frenzy of ass shaking and sweating but they were still complete unknowns. That night I talked to John Dwyer about doing a single for my new label. That single quickly turned into the ‘Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine’ LP which was recorded for $60 (i think mostly beer and illicit substances) by Dave Broekema of SF band NUMBERS. Things really took off at that point for Coachwhips and aside from some personal copies in my bedroom that pressing Sold out very quickly. And that’s how the label started.

Show & Tell went on to release the Coachwhips/Trin Tran split 7″ that would later get the reissue treatment on Girlsville. The song “Hey Fanny” from that record was a live favorite of mine, and sitting in Johns living room in the Haight he was showing me the stuff he’d been working on for “Bangers Vs Fuckers” and I asked for that tune and a TRIN TRAN cover to put on a split 7″. It’s hard to pick favorites on the label but that record is up there as one of them. TRIN TRAN made his insert himself, I made the COACHWHIPS insert out of an email John wrote me about not having time to do an insert and an inside joke about a crush I had on Adam from THE HOSPITALS. I’d also done a 7″ for X27 and COACHWHIPS, TRIN TRAN, and X27 all played an insane show at a leather bar in SF called THE EAGLE and it just felt like something really magical was happening. Bigger labels came in and started exploiting the scene and even exploiting my label but that’s another story altogether. So I started focusing on more of my Girls In the Garage passions with Purple Wizard and my penchant for British Garage punk like The Hipshakes and Black Time. in 2007 I officially ended Show & Tell when Bill from Purple Wizard passed away suddenly and I was facing my own existential crises. I made mistakes along the way and I also got really lucky because I met such talented people, quite frankly Coachwhips built the whole label and for that I’ll always be grateful to John Dwyer even if he seldom returns emails because he’s a big rockstar now in the Brilliant Thee Oh Sees. I’ll always love him.

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PURPLE WIZARD Ive Been Wrong/I’m Not Angry 7″
PURPLE WIZARD Power of Love 7″
HIPSHAKES You Make Me Malfunction 7″
COACHWHIPS “Hey Fanny” CASS (Girlsville)

From the desk of Shane White (Pure Filth, The Fingers, Rip Offs)
PURPLE WIZARD – “I’ve Been Wrong/I’m Not Angry” 45
New York Combo…two chick guitar players playing with great singing voices backed by a dude rhythm section… doing covers… old groovy covers!!! Being that I’m a huge HOLLIES fan, I really got a first class boner for the A-side!!! DELMONAS eat your motherfucking hearts out!!!!! Everything about this record is solid!!! I love a band that does their rock ‘n’ roll homework, because the end result is shit like this!!!! If you’re fan of new bands leaning heavy on the late 50s and early 60s sound, but you can’t stomach that weak ass, lame brain Estrus/Dionysus dick cheese that all those Lady Luck chain-wallet Gearhead bozos flock to; you might wanna give PURPLE WIZARD a spin…..there’s not many retro outfits these days that can give a rock’n’roll blow job this good…. that’s for sure!!!!! My prostate is on fire!!!!

Split 7″
Miscreants from the UK- Black Time bash out arty punk rock, delivering heavy bass-lines, pounding drums and catchy guitar riffs that stun like a musical ray gun. “Downtown” is a grade-A winner, while “Charm Offensive” is just gripping as their “Son of Sam” cover from the Killed by Trash LP. They are paired on this split with the Husbands, an all-girl group from San Francisco . An odd match, but somehow it works. Rough and tuff w/ dirty guitars and vocals, the Husbands drive two garage rock punches, including an Ike Turner cover! Another great addition to the Show and Tell catalog fo’ sure!


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