Out of Southern California here are swirling indie rockers THE WILD YOUNG HEARTS with their third album in three years! Yes, already their third full-length release after 2014 debut LP California Dreams and last year’s Feel Good. Hello Green Days and Foo Fighters of this troubled world, you lazy billionaires, wake up and take some notes here! On the new one HOODLUMS, the regrouped trio continues to do what they do best: combining fiery riffs, hot hooks and contagious beats with catchy sing-along choruses that will energize all your limbs. But some things changed since the last record as frontman Robb Laffoon told me recently:

“Since we released our last album Feel Good we not only parted ways with our drummer Kevin, but our lead guitarist Justin got married and moved to Texas. Needless to say, a lot has happened in the 18 or so months since the last album.That being said, we were left to go on as a three-piece, so we had a good friend to step in on drums and we went at it with a new approach, as a trio. For inspiration, we looked directly to other three-piece bands like Green Day, Nirvana, and Blink 182. Lyrically, I subconsciously attempted to write about the beach and California a little less. There’s a scene in the Brian Wilson biopic “Love & Mercy” where he goes on a tirade to the band about how he’s sick of singing about the beach. To simplify it that’s how I felt. I didn’t want to make a third album that was the same, I wanted change. Add in Garrett’s lyrical and musical input, and the sound drastically changed. By adding in another writer, I was able to challenge myself to a new level. Plus, it’s a very heavy album lyrically. We wrote very honest lyrics. We wrote about our struggles with addiction. We wrote about the shit going on over here with the police and the new president. We still had fun at times, and it stands out when we do, but we didn’t shy away from writing from a little angrier perspective.”

And who are those Hoodlums, Robb?: “Garrett came up with it actually. We already had a few working titles, but when he wrote the song Hoodlums it just seemed like a phrase that summed everything up. We’re hooligans, we’re pranksters, we enjoy getting into a little trouble. The word HOODLUMS seemed like a great way to sum it up…” Thanks for all the info, Robb!

Open your ears and lungs, ladies and gentlemen…

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