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One of the great things about being a poor 20-something in London is the opportunity to see new bands and solo artists in pubs for free or at least very cheap. Not only does this allow more access and availability to hearing live music, but it also promotes a sense of community as the locals get to know each other and the artists build up friendships and support from one another in acquiring a fan base.

In Kingston-Upon-Thames (about 15 minutes outside the city of London), 21 year old Charlie Law is strumming up a storm with his eclectic mix of country, blues and folk – blended seamlessly with catchy hooks and choruses. Reminiscent of Bob Dylan and The Tallest Man on Earth, the singer/songwriter recently released a new EP entitled The River in Her. I caught up with the man himself to see what all the fuss is about.

Charlie Law

Charlie sunset

1. Charlie, you’re originally from Suffolk but one of your songs ‘One Step’ particularly references London and conjures up some lovely imagery of the city and its atmosphere. What is it about living in London that inspires you?

While the inspiration for the majority of my music stems from my countryside roots far from the city, ‘One Step’ was a little about what brought me to the capital. There is a certain sense of excitement that you get in London. There’s a lot going on, there’s a lot of music history. It’s great to get out there and listen. From an open mic night in Kingston Upon Thames to a big shows in the heart of the city.

2. You recently recorded an EP entitled ‘The River in Her’, how did you find the recording process went and how have you let people know about your record?

Getting it together took a lot of cups of coffee, but the end result was worth it! After the initial recording of the foundations with my guitar player Jake, for about a month from dusk till dawn I was working on it continuously. That said it was great fun and I got it all together into some CD’s, which are available at gigs. You can also catch some of the tracks online on my website.

3. What has been your biggest challenge as a solo artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

My biggest challenge as a solo artist… has got to be anything that isn’t writing or performing. All the recording I’ve had to do myself, all the social media. All that stuff gets in the way of what is really important: the songs. I’ve signed a management deal, so I’m now free to concentrate on what I want, and I can’t put into words how exiting that is! My guitarist Jake eases a lot of the pressure as well, he makes everything sound amazing. So I’m not really a solo artist anymore, I have an amazing team to work with.

4. Is there anything about the current music scene that is exciting you?

I love the acoustic/songwriting based tracks that have had hours and hours spent on the production. If you listen to “Pick-up Truck” by Willy Mason you’ll understand what I mean. They have to be properly written songs though!

5. Where have you performed? Do you have any upcoming shows?

My next show is in London at Proud Camden on the 22nd June. It’s a nice afternoon show at 4.30pm, its free to get in and all ages are welcome! Not to mention it’s a great excuse to spend the day out in Camden. I’ve played all over the place but that’s going to be a big one!

Have a listen to One Step – classic folk with an upbeat, summery feel
Charlie Law – One Step

Charlie Law’s music and more info about his work can be found at:


One thing’s for sure, Charlie Law is destined for great things inside and outside of London.

Interview made by Brittany Rex /2013 © Copyright 50thirdand3rd. com /2013



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