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About a week ago , I posted a Record of the Day from Some Weird Sin and followed that the next day with another killer track from another band working with Some Weird Sin, and that led to this, since it seems we are on the same page when it comes to kick ass garage punk. I will be working with Travis from here on out to bring you his latest records as they become available.

1.Could you give us a little background info on your journey to starting up your own label…

For sure. I’m a college student (21, young guy alert) at the University of Houston, and I started hosting my own show, Some Weird Sin, on our on-campus radio station, Coog Radio, towards the tail-end of 2013. Initially I planned to basically just sit on my ass and play some tunes, and maybe some people would happen to listen. Eventually I realized how I could use the opportunity to get a foothold on doing some really cool stuff. Wrote some reviews for our blog, covered events, did some interviews, and at some point, there were some musicians who I was really into that were taking notice. During the latter half of last year, Coog Radio started talking about doing a promotional compilation, and part of the original idea of that was to have representatives for each show contribute songs. However, each show could only have two reps. At this point, I had enough acts that I wanted and were willing to rep my show to do a release on my own. The label spawned from the compilation, and of course, when you work with 20+ acts, some are working on other things and don’t have the resources to do everything they want to on their own. So now we have enough in the works to call this a “label”.

2. How did you ever come up with the name…Some Weird Sin Records…

Haha, it’s a little mundane on one level. When in doubt, name your radio show/blog/label after a song you like, right? So partially, it’s named for the Iggy Pop tune. On another level, I want to be working with and playing fringe artists that aren’t getting the credit I believe they deserve. College radio, in my opinion, is all about providing a platform to expose art that doesn’t already have a platform to people. Independent labels do and should work by that same framework. So I guess it’s “Some Weird Sin” that more people don’t know the bands I’m working with, and it’s my goal to rectify that as much as possible. With the limited resources at my disposal haha.

3. Your thoughts on the state of rock ‘n’ roll……

I hear “rock is dead” and “punk is dead” and I think that’s total crap. There’s so much great stuff coming out now. Burger Records, Lolipop, Sacred Bones, and Castle Face are all putting out vital stuff on a rather large scale in the US. Smaller labels like Hidden Volume, Rubber Brother, and Paisley Shirt fill essential niches and have the potential to expand. Canada… is probably going to be looking at some rough times ahead when it comes to independent labels. Mammoth Cave shutting down is a bad omen, but the labels in that country do a fantastic job, in spite of the pretty terrible struggle involved with that role in that country.

Rock is dying in the mainstream though. Every day, we creep toward electronic taking over. We need a figurehead, desperately, a Nirvana. When Jay Reatard and the Exploding Hearts were still around, I saw glimmers of hope. But all things in time.

In short, if you think “rock is dead”, you’re either deaf, cynical, or too lazy to look for the good stuff.

4. Your thoughts on the role of social media, do you think it helps or hinders a band…..

Depends entirely on how you use it. I think it helps me though! There are too many bands making Instragram accounts, doing photoshoots before putting money into recording now. That’s definitely harmful. But the Internet Age, with all the good and bad that comes with it, is responsible for tons of people discovering music that they wouldn’t otherwise. On the other hand, it could be easily said that there’s an overflow of information. Listeners are being exposed to so much that hardly anything can stick. It’s a tough question, and if I could definitively answer it, I’d probably earn myself a nice bit of cash haha.

5. What are some of your , I can’t be far from these albums…..

Oh, this is gonna be fun! Well, Tim by The Replacements is the big one. I’m not religious, and that album is the closest thing to a Bible I have. Fun House by The Stooges, Mondo Deco by The Quick, Jesus of Cool by Nick Lowe, My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello, Perfect From Now On by Built to Spill, Wowee Zowee by Pavement, Too Much Guitar by Reigning Sound, Over the Edge by Wipers, Radio City by Big Star, and Floating Coffin by Thee Oh Sees are the ten aside from that one that I visit the most.

6. What you would like to accomplish as a label in 2015 .

Make my money back and grow my base haha. I’d like for Some Weird Sin Vol.1 to receive rave reviews from large publications, and jumpstart some careers. I’m trying to look at this as a hobby more than a business though. I just want to put out and organize some great releases. I want to be a part of it all.

listen to these and continue to watch and listen to 50thirdand3rd.com as we will continue to bring you more from Some Weird Sin Records……

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