Chuck Berry “Come On” A-Side

Chuck Berry’s “Come On” is my go-to for nursing a broken heart. Okay, one of them, but I digress. “Come On” is a peppy little plea to give it another go with the one you haven’t gotten out of your system. Chuck’s timeless wisdom and perfect meter really stand out on this one! He’s right there with us, listing off how every rotten thing in your life is just magnified when your sweetie leaves you high and dry. And that opening lick—bellissima!

Everything is wrong since me and my baby parted

All day long I’m walking ‘cause I couldn’t get my car started

laid off from my job and I can’t afford to check it

I wish somebody’d come along and run into it and wreck it

Come on!

“Come On” was released by Chuck Berry for Chess Records in October of 1961 but failed to chart in the U.S. It was also The Rolling Stones debut single in the U.K. in 1963. Fun fact: Chuck’s sister, Martha, sings backup vocals.

RIP Chuck Berry, true King of Rock and Roll!


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