The 50thirdand3rd Premiere of ” He Will’ By Emma Cole

Let’s start wrapping up 2016, with this great new voice, Emma Cole . This has that ‘Dancin in the Streets’ kind of vibe, horns, piano, backbeat to grove to and above all else Emma, leading the charge to coolness in a computerized digital age filled with gimmicks nothing but talent and authenticity going on here. . Emma takes it back to the dancing 60’s with the swagger of one who knows she is making it all new again and that my friends is the glory of rock ‘n’ roll, call it soul , call it R&B but when you start moving those feet , that’s magic time.

Emma Cole is an artist with a poetic spirit and she has a voice to match. This true songbird takes her audience on a flight to the deepest corners of their minds and touches on issues that others in music may shy away from. After growing up in Philadelphia she was natuarlly attracted to the eclectic sound of soul music. Her tattered background drives her vocal style that is the perfect antidote to a generation that tends to only graze the surface of the topics of today and feeds into the rumor that the music industry is all glitz and no grime.

Emma Cole:

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From Pittsburgh, now in Florida, Cool Canadian artist wife , 4 great kids and two granddaughters!! I'm a lucky guy!

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