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For me, this is a big deal, I’ve loved The Primitives since their early days and I have never lost sight of their journey. When anyone talks about excellence in writing and crafting the perfect power pop songs that conversation has to include The Primitives. So if you’re new to The Primitives or if you’ve been digging them since way back when , I’m pleased to bring you, the 50thirdand3rd Interview with ….The Primitives

(all answers from Paul Court)

What were the early years like for you , with “Crash” on everyone coolest songs playlist? Were those years everything you had every dreamed of happening to you or was it something else?

We’d been around for a couple of years before Crash. Things certainly changed once we had a hit. It wasn’t particularly glamorous – there was a lot of hanging around airports early in the morning with bad hangovers looking for bins to throw up in.

2. After you split as a band in 1992 , where any of you working on other projects between disbanding and reforming in 2009. Or did you all just walk away for a few years?

There were various post Prims bands that didn’t come to much. Tracy did some dance/techno type stuff for a bit.

3. How did the Band decide it was time to start back up again ? and I have to say , I was very happy when I heard this news!

The first time it crossed my mind was in 2008 because the debut album was 20 years old, but I hadn’t seen Tracy for 7 years and it turned out she was living in Argentina, so that put paid to that idea. Then the following year Steve, our original bass player died, and that put us back in touch with each other. Tracy was back living in the UK for a while, so we just started having the odd rehearsal with no real plans to do anything. We ended up playing a couple of shows later that year and it went on from there.

4.How does the process of getting a song up and running work for you as a band? Do you sit down together and write the lyrics first or does the music happen then the lyrics and how do you always seem to craft the most perfect power pop tunes ever?

I normally write a song i.e. lyrics and melody with a basic arrangement and guitar parts and then it gets further embellished with the band in the studio.

5. Is there a new Album in the works and if there is can you drop us some secrets?

We’re thinking of recording new songs – maybe an EP. We could come up with the best thing since sliced Beatles but new Primitives songs have no chance of getting played on the radio or of any kind of acknowledgement in mainstream media, so however we decide to release it, it will be for fans only. We’ve absolutely no interest anymore in pretending to be part of what could loosely still be termed the music industry.

6. We’ve seen a lot of changes in music since the early 90’s , what are some of the biggest differences between then and now for you as a band?

For us it’s being autonomous – it’s easy to self manage nowadays, especially if you’re already an established band or have some kind of legacy. It’s easier to get stuff out there too of course.

7. You are writing some of the best songs that you have ever written as a band , “Turn Off The Moon” is a classic as well as “Hidden in the Shadows” how do you keep up that creative streak and how much fun are you all having?

Yes there’s a fun element, we wouldn’t be doing it otherwise – we’re not exactly making a ton of money doing this. It was hard to get back into writing at first, but once that particular switch was flicked back on it was soon just like the old days. Turn Off The Moon is a cover by the way.

8. Do you pay attention to any of the new bands out there and if you do, can you name drop a few that you are all listening to?

The last two albums I listened too were The Liminanas new one and Luck or Magic by Britta Phillips.

9. any last thoughts for all of your fans out there?

Keep a little Prims in your heart.

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