REVIEW: Glass Castles by Andrew Adkins

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Glass Castles is 13 songs. 13 songs written and sang by Andrew Adkins. To some it may even by passively schizophrenic. He classifies it as “roots music rock and folk”. I like that, it works for me. My interview I posted yesterday tells you a bit about what he thinks of his latest album and who inspires this incredible artist. But to truly appreciate this review, you must listen to this album. As I sit back and listen to those 13 songs, my mind wanders. Every song is unique and the sound changes in each melody from blues to folk to rock to Americana. Never quite settling on an exact genre and always waking my mind up to switch gears, but its a smooth transition. The kick drum in “The Song that Made the World Cry” keeps me grounded as I listen to the somewhat melancholy sound in the story of a wandering girl and the tempo picking back up in the next song. The slide guitar in “Two Steps from Heaven” brings back memories of true country music. The Rock n’ Roll feel in “Old Coal Town” to the slower, vulnerable feel of “As Above So Below” you are drawn to his sometimes throaty, yet smooth and expressive, soft voice. His soulful and a bit jazzy rendition of “Jubilee” makes me think of this church I attended when I was really young, it’s comforting. His voice almost hinting of Dylan at times, Adkins is a storyteller with mesmerizing lyrics and style. He puts this all together by playing most of the instruments you hear himself. He has a true sense of the way he wants it to come across to the listener. It’s thought-provoking, intriguing and engaging.

So sit back, relax and enjoy Glass Castles

Glass Castles is now available on iTunes.

Andrew Adkins

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