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Track by Track is written by the Artist giving us their take on their latest work. All text today is from Karina Ramage

Each song has a unique story and perspective that I’ve taken from my life.

“Technology” speaks the truth about how we interact as humans of the 21st century: We use technology everyday, but so often don’t make the most of what’s right in front of us. Why go out with friends and instead of giving one another 100% of your attention, do we stay glued to a machine which displays text and modified representations of these very same friends? Socail media has made us think we are connected to everyone, but are actually totally disconnected from the real world.So the track is just a little reminder that we should make the most of the people we’re with, and put the phone, laptop, or tablet down every once in a while…

“In Case You Forgot” is a little cheeky way of speaking my mind when it comes to bullying. It really upsets me that it’s still so prevalent in our society when we percieve ourselves to be modern and advanced people. It’s painful and pointless. The song talks to anyone who’s sadly experienced bullying, or knows someone who has. I’m talking directly to bullies I remember from my own past, and as an extension all bullies, letting them know that no matter how horrible they are to people, and how strong they think they are, “The truth comes out in the end, in case you forgot.”

“All I Need Is You” is my positive, feel good song. Its summer vibes and bitter sweet harmonies speak right to the heart, and show you that the world is a better place when you’re with someone you love. See I’m not all sadness and judgement! 😉

“Love Court” is a punchy, upbeat track with a theatrical edge. The lyrics are so important in this one, as they tell a whole story of an argument between a guy and a girl, set in a court room hearing, with a judge and jury and hearing both sides of the story… But who wins the argument? I’ll leave that up to you!

Thank you for listening!! xxx

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