Track by Track : “Lend Me Your Skin” by Gillbanks … Out 11-27-15


Track by Track” is written by the Artist who make the music possible. Today we feature – “Lend Me Your Skin” by Gillbanks


Anxious? was I think the 4th song I wrote for the EP but was probably the most fun to create sonically and lyrically. This song came together extremely quickly and gave me such a buzz. Anxious? really showcases my passion for playing with dynamics but also shows off my pop related influences. Right from the start of creating this song I wanted it to be full of hooks but also really wanted to express my frustration within the lyrics and vocal delivery. However what really stood out for me was discovering how I could create essentially a girthy guitar and bass sound with plenty of balls but still have a distinct catchy element to it.

Start Again

Again another song that showcases my desire to create hooks. Before creating this song I wrote about 5 songs but scrapped 4 of them because I didn’t think they were good enough. Start Again was created after ditching the other 4 tracks, hence the name.

This song is less dynamic heavy compared to the other tracks on the EP but was still really fun to create.My favourite part is the screeching guitar harmonics in the intro/chorus’s. This was the first song I introduced the DOD Classic Fuzz Pedal which I purchased for a ridiculous price of £20 second hand. This pedal really works for me and has been an important part of crafting my sound.

Loosen Up

Loosen Up was heavily inspired by my surroundings at the time. I was fortunate enough to live in a 1 bedroom flat in the heart of Falmouth, Cornwall which I shared with my beautiful girlfriend. We had a very easy, laid back life but we were both seeking for something more. Before writing this song I had been fixed on the idea of making noisy/fuzzy songs but I wasn’t feeling it that day. I remember feeling content but not completely at ease with what I was doing with my life. There were talks of me moving away however I didn’t really want to leave on my own. This was going through my head and out popped Loosen Up within a few hours on a Friday evening.

Sometimes staying in pays off…


I wrote Tiffany whilst I was away for a week in London (before I moved there from Cornwall). Again this song came together really quickly but was slightly more experimental, specifically in the bridge/outro part. I recorded the original demo in my friends bedroom. He was a big help when it came to creating all the laser beam esque guitar sounds you hear towards the end of the song.


When writing Nerve I had a huge focus towards experimenting with dynamics. I know dynamics seems to come up a lot but the thing is Nerve is a special one. It was the first song I wrote post university and the first track I ever wrote completely on my own. Nerve was the catalyst to this whole project and I kind of weirdly feel like I owe something to the song; if that makes sense. It was the first time I realised I could create something without jamming in a band, it was almost like being reborn and I still feel now that it gave me an identity as a musician.

GILLBANKS will be playing a number of London dates – check out a full list of dates below:

27th Nov – Four Quarters – Peckham Rye – EP Release Party
11th Dec – The Sebright Arms – Bethnal Green
12th January – Hoxton Bar & Grill – Hoxton
10th February – Proud Camden – Camden
6th March – Notting Hill Arts Club – Notting Hill

Lend me Your Skin is out now via Tusk Records.



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