BETS: Days Hours Nights

We introduced you to BETS back in June with their lusty video “Jenny.” Now the girl band is back with their first full length LP, Days Hours Nights. The ten-song album is the embodiment of a hazy, atmospheric, summer night in the city.

The electro-indie beats hang in the humidity of August nights amongst the cityscape with a trance-like haunt. At first listen, the album is catchy, girlie, and the potential soundtrack of every indie-romance film of the past five years. But on second listen, the album tells a story about being young and a little heartbroken, and moving on with and through other lovers in a Lana del Ray-esque, deadpan delivery. The second single from Days Hours Nights is “Don’t Give a F#ck.” The song’s manipulated trills and forced attitude are an instant favorite. Through masked heartbreak and a fuck-all disposition, BETS personifies a ‘fake-it ’til you make it’ mindset, wrapped up in original and moveable beats.

There are a handful of tracks on this album, “Don’t Give a F#ck,” “Jenny,” and “Cityscape” that stand alone. The in-betweens are at times repetitive and familiar, but dance the listener through from beginning to end. Check out Days Hours Nights for a summer-infused electronic pulse of girlie dance tunes.


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