1994: Hail Hail Rock ’n Roll ….

Oasis haters can run to the hills now… as I’m going to tell my little 1994 story about that lads band…

Who? Oasis? Another NME hype?…
The British UK pop/rock weekly NME was my Holy Bible. Every week I went whistling to my newspaper shop to get my copy. I remember quite clearly, early 1994, that a live review of a band I never heard of and the accompanying photo drew my attention…
* the band: Oasis
* the gig: London King’s Cross Splash! Club – January 26
* the last paragraph of the review by Simon Williams: “It’s the way that Oasis songs simply roll along with a genuine ‘Up yours attitude’ and a lazy beat sufficiently infectious to make gawping, semi-concussed ‘gezzers’ of us all, while Liam Gallagher carelessly chucks melodies on top. And – here’s the important bit – it’s the way that Liam says “Thank you very much” with such sneering topspin it sounds uncannily like “F- you vey much.” Lovely.
* the accompanying picture (1st one I ever saw of Oasis… well it’s only Liam and 1st drummer Tony McCarroll in the back)
Iconic Cover NME – June 4th…
Oasis NME cover
Liam just had that natural born rock’n roll star look / the headline of the inside interview: “Those windows are saying: throw a chair through me” – yep… a Liam quote / the interview was hilarious (stand-up comedy would have been an alternative career option for da brudders) / most important of course I learned more about their music described as ‘huge rock ‘n roll anthems’ / problem: at that very moment I didn’t heard one note yet / their 1st single ‘Supersonic’, released a couple of months earlier, wasn’t available in Belgium (and at the time: no YT, no soundcloud, no sharing, had not even a pc…) …

‘Shakermaker’ and ‘Supersonic’…
A couple of weeks later I finally heard Oasis music / it was a clip of their 2nd single ‘Shakermaker’ on MTV / A-WE-S-O-M-E ! / a hundred times better than I could imagine / now I understood what NME meant by : ‘the swagger rock of Oasis’ / this was definitely not another hype… and a few days later (thanks to that NME cover story I guess) our Belgian alternative radio station ‘Studio Brussel’ started to play their 1st single ‘Supersonic’ from time to time / ‘I need to be myself – I can’t be no one else – I’m feeling supersonic – Give me gin and tonic’. An epic killer song, no poetry at all, but oh so great lines to shout out very loud…

August 16th – The Forum, London…
After that legendary interview and hearing the first two singles I immediately decided to see them as soon as possible /August 16th: boat to Dover and then train to London / the gig was sold out / I bought a ticket in the metro station from a tout and went to ‘The Forum’ (2,300 capacity venue) / I watched with open mouth from the first riff Noel played / what an incredible fantastic wall of sound / pure straightforward Rock ‘n Roll… finally again / and Liam… that sneering voice / that self-confidence in the music and on that stage / although I only realized near the end of the concert that not one member had moved an inch / a 45 minute rollercoaster of sheer rock anthems / no bullshit between songs, no encores / afterwards I jumped my way back to the hotel / best gig I ever saw…
ticketoasis 001-800

September 9th – Amsterdam…
A couple of weeks later I saw them in a tiny club (150 capacity) in Amsterdam / before the gig the band and their manager were having a meal in the bar and, except for a few including me, nobody really noticed them / I started talking to Liam and Noel and they were really down to earth and friendly (FACT!) / Liam then signed my London ticket / again they rocked like hell / my mate had the same experience as I had in London and excited as he was he payed for all the beers (a lot) after the gig / two months later I went to see them in Paris… 1994 was a fantastic year for my rock ‘n roll ears
the rest is history: big mouths, big songs, big quotes, big break-up / but most of all big concerts / I saw them 19 times, quite simply because they were one of the best ‘fooking’ rock ‘n roll ‘live bands’ ever…

In anticipation of their reunion tour (oh yes, the will reform: Liam needs lots of cash / Noel adores cash / their lovely Mum is longing for a family reunion) here’s a high quality video of a stunning live concert in 2005 in Manchester… Live Forever !!!

1/ 00:17 – Fuckin’ In The Bushes
2/ 02:17 – Turn Up the Sun
3/ 08:24 – Lyla
4/ 13:44 – Cigarettes & Alcohol
5/ 18:12 – The Importance of Being Idle
6/ 22:13 – Little By Little
7/ 27:09 – A Bell Will Ring
8/ 30:26 – Acquiesce
9/ 34:45 – Songbird
10/ 37:10 – Live Forever
11/ 42:44 – Mucky Fingers
12/ 47:04 – Wonderwall
13/ 51:36 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
14/ 59:35 – The Meaning Of Soul
15/ 1:02:17 – Don’t Look Back In Anger
16/ 1:08:03 – My Generation
Ps 1: I promise I will never publish such a long post again…
Ps 2: but hey this was my 100th post… bring on the champagne supernova…
Ps 3: shut up, JL !

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