10 Cover Songs and their Original Recordings – Pt. 1 !

1/ ‘You Gotta Move’

Cover by The Rolling Stones (1971 – on the album ‘Sticky Fingers’)

Original recording by Mississippi Fred McDowell (1965 – it was already an unrecorded gospel standard)

2/ ‘Police and Thieves’

Cover by The Clash (1977 – on debut album ‘The Clash’)

Original recording by Junior Murvin (1971 – produced and c0-written by legendary Jamaican dub reggae artist ‘Lee “Scratch” Perry’)

3/ ‘Hound Dog’

Cover by Jimi Hendrix (from 1967 BBC Sessions – released on cd in 1998)

Original recording by Big Mama Thornton (1953 – written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)

4/ ‘Where did Our Love Go’

Cover by Soft Cell (1981 – on single ‘Tainted Love’)

Original recording by The Supremes (1964 – written by Holland-Dozier-Holland)

5/ ‘Runnin’ Scared’

Cover by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1986 – on album ‘Kicking Against The Pricks’)

Original by Roy Orbison (1961 – this video is from a concert in Austin, Texas, 1982 – stunning performance with an overwhelming reprise at the end!)

6/ ’20th Century Boy’

Cover by Placebo (1998 – Placebo performed it as fictitious band The Flaming Creatures in the British movie ‘Velvet Goldmine’ & with David Bowie @ Brit Awards – appeared on single and album ‘Covers’)

Original recording by T. Rex (1973 – written by Marc Bolan)

7/ ‘I’m Free’

Cover by The Soup Dragons (1992 – The Soup Dragons were a Scottish rock band of the late 1980s and early 1990s)

Original recording by The Rolling Stones (written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, first released on the UK ‘Out of Our Heads’ album in 1965. It was later placed on the December’s Children (And Everybody’s) album in the United States)

8/ ‘No Fun’

Cover by Primal Scream (the video here is a 1992 live performance – in 2000 another version appeared on a live bootleg album ‘Kill No Fun Hippies’)

Original recording by Iggy Pop & The Stooges (1969 – on debut album ‘The Stooges’)

9/ ‘Back Door Man’

Cover by The Doors (1967 – on their debut album ‘The Doors’)

Original recording by Howlin’ Wolf (1961 – written by Willie Dixon – b-side for Wolf’s hit record ‘Wang Dang Doodle’)

10/ ‘Oh Susannah’

It’s better to start here with the original recording … you’ll hear why …

Original recording by Stephen Foster (1826–1864 / a minstrel song first published in 1848 – other minstrel troupes performed the work, and as was common at the time, many registered the song for copyright under their own names. As a result, it was copyrighted and published at least 21 times)

Remake by The Big 3 (1963 – composed by member Tim Rose – Mama Cass was 1 of the 3)

Cover (or plagiarism?): ‘Venus’ by Shocking Blue (1969 – #1 in the US – Robbie van Leeuwen, the band’s guitarist & songwriter used the bassline, riffs and melody sound from the ‘The Banjo Song’ by The Big 3. They never claimed plagiarism as composer of this remake, Tim Rose, considered the original ‘Oh Susannah’ as a song belonging to the public domain)

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