To Hell With Blue Mondays! Here’s… SUEDE


London veteran glam rockers SUEDE have tons of firing tunes to blow Blue Mondays forever into space. All together now… we’re TRAAAASHHH…Maybe maybe it’s the clothes we wear The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair Maybe it’s our kookiness Or maybe maybe it’s our nowhere towns Our nothing places and our cellophane sounds Maybe it’s our looseness But we’re trash you and me We’re the litter on the breeze We’re the lovers on the streets Just trash me and you It’s in...

Record of the Day – ‘Hey Doctor’ by Pow Wows


Hey Doctor by Pow Wows From our friends at Hidden Volume Records we bring you the Pow Wows newest hit single, ‘Hey Doctor’. and the B side, ‘Killing Floor’. I’ve been a fan of the Pow Wows for a few years , I dig on the garagebeat authenticity coming from these guys and if justice prevails They will be a household name in a short time. from Hidden Volume Records: Toronto’s very own garage/psych/power wailers hit hard with two epic length tunes: “Hey Doctor”...

Video of the Day – The Side Eyes – Guy/Chick (Ring Road Live Sessions)


Anytime a bands name that I am not familiar with starts popping up on my friends pages , I check them out. Today’s Video of the Day is by one of those bands that I’ve seen their name recently more than a few times , The Side Eyes. I love the energy level of this gang, looks like they’re having a blast and that is the point of rock ‘n roll, so go jump up and down and scream and shout and dig on The Side Eyes….The Side Eyes: Facebook Instagram REDD KROSS – THE...

Freak Out! The Frank Zappa Story


FREAK OUT! THE FRANK ZAPPA STORY DESCRIPTION: Germaine Greer presents a profile of Frank Zappa, the 1970s icon of eccentric rock whose range of work included serious orchestral composition, film-making and social activism, particularly in the field of anti-censorship.

Record of the Day is On My Side by Damned Rivers


“On My Side” is a folk-rock song by Nashville band Damned Rivers. It’s the perfect melody for your ears on a Sunday, its sound is mellow, chill, and a natural unpretentious energy escapes out of that kick drum beat and genuine lyrics. Damned Rivers formed in 2014 and the five-part band is currently working on a follow-up to their self-titled 2015 EP. Members are Ian Mauldin (Vocals/Guitar), Mark Summarell (Guitar), Kyle Hassenfratz (Drums), Ricky DeMeo (Bass) and Annie...

Video of the Day is You Gotta Funny Way by Slurpasaur


Hello Sunday. You might as well embrace the day, its indifference will still be there. The remnants from last nights night out still echoing in your head, the countdown to Monday morning has begun. Do something crazy today, or maybe just be lazy, I don’t know it’s Sunday! Either way, our video of the day is by a band named Slurpasaur and the song is “You Gotta Funny Way” off of their upcoming album, LIVING THROUGH AN AGE OF IGNORANCE. The video was published August 19...